Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is my favorite pic I took while I was doing the June hunter daily quest. Sincetherewerenobossesaroundsoyeah

My internet loves trolling me. Especially these weeks. Even disconnecting me when I was raiding circus, and it happened like 4-5 times already \8D/
Alright. So, last night I decided to explore Lucifer Garden, my most favorite map for reference seeking purpose using my main lineup. No, I don't have amazing armors, so for sure I got OHKOed by several mobs inside. But hey there is no way one can tank 70++AR easily anyway~

So here goes my journey. /prepares some soul crystals

Okay. this is. definitely. One most beautiful place in game so far. I was OOOOOH the first time I saw this place. OH LOOK, CUTE DOGGIES THERE---*tried to pet*


okay. 70 AR is definitely not a good welcoming. But since I feel maso amazing, I will just continue running anyway~ nothing can stop me from exploring this amazing place. NOTHING.
oh yeah. I forgot, I had this quest too.

I'm a bit confused here, tho. Duke Felipe and Marquis Hernandez = same person? Dx I need to read the story more.
So, we continued to wander around, and....
And when I was wondering about the whereabout of the minibosses, suddenly I met one. Say hi.

ok this Sauterelle looks like a tokusatsu villain. Similar to that...phobitan general. Cute wings there, by the way....
I remember I saw some cockatrice---upgraded version---inside this room. The mama cockatrices were really angry. Angry birds. Dare touching their eggs, you'll die. /touched anyway

The little bridge at Secret Garden. Oh gawd. Too...gorgeous. /faints
Then I continued, until I finally....
REACHED HER PLACE. \8D/ Roseheart. Rose the Heart. Whoever. Pretty, no? I'm so gonna feature her later...for my secret mission. /whatever is this.
(I gave you hints in previous post already. Don't ask for more.)
But her alone is not enough, so well...more soul crystals and I advanced to another room. Since I need to visit...this girl.
Rose the Spirit. Or her kGE version, Summon Homunclrosea. Whatever that name means. I couldn't get nicer angle this time, thanks to her ohko. She's really cute. (not for the damage, tho) I would love to draw her. soon.
Okay. references collected. Time to get out from this beautiful yet deadly place. In total, I used like...20 soul crystals. Probably more. I FEEL SO HARDCORE. But before leaving, I took a pic first.
sitting like nothing happened like a boss

Thanks to this post, I decided to change the blog layout too. Hope this hurts pleases your eyes more ^0^
And oh. I was forced to create a faction, neutralist alliance, for me and some friends. The name is....GerarLorenFans. WHAT IS THIS NAME I DON'T EVEN....
We decided to form the faction as we will still stay as neutralist anyway, and we can join either Esmero or Souveran inside Alliance War. But heck. Recent Alliance Wars being very lame. Some people just don't care about their allies not getting points at all and prefer to finish the event as soon as possible. Oi. Stop being selfish, you people. Even I know some people complaining for not being able to enter AW because it ended too fast---like, only 30mins since it started. This is why I hate this kind of 'tyranny' in Bach and I refuse to be part of it.

Sooo this is the first pic of our small faction.
haithar, hansamu Gerar. 8D We finally managed to level up this faction to 52, but I refuse to make my chars wearing those stupid glowing swimming tubes so I just transferred the leader position to my mule. /wins

Now, random things. The epic random chat I recorded yesterday.
And lastly, lets end this stupid post of the day with most stupid screenshot I made last night.
nice timing.

-the end-

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  1. Pfffffffff rose garden WHY YOU SO PRETTY. Dang man.

    And, Gerard is awesome. ...And I hope Ion isn't. ROFL. Also we have the same resolutionnnn woot.