Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is my favorite pic I took while I was doing the June hunter daily quest. Sincetherewerenobossesaroundsoyeah

My internet loves trolling me. Especially these weeks. Even disconnecting me when I was raiding circus, and it happened like 4-5 times already \8D/
Alright. So, last night I decided to explore Lucifer Garden, my most favorite map for reference seeking purpose using my main lineup. No, I don't have amazing armors, so for sure I got OHKOed by several mobs inside. But hey there is no way one can tank 70++AR easily anyway~

So here goes my journey. /prepares some soul crystals

Okay. this is. definitely. One most beautiful place in game so far. I was OOOOOH the first time I saw this place. OH LOOK, CUTE DOGGIES THERE---*tried to pet*


okay. 70 AR is definitely not a good welcoming. But since I feel maso amazing, I will just continue running anyway~ nothing can stop me from exploring this amazing place. NOTHING.
oh yeah. I forgot, I had this quest too.

I'm a bit confused here, tho. Duke Felipe and Marquis Hernandez = same person? Dx I need to read the story more.
So, we continued to wander around, and....
And when I was wondering about the whereabout of the minibosses, suddenly I met one. Say hi.

ok this Sauterelle looks like a tokusatsu villain. Similar to that...phobitan general. Cute wings there, by the way....
I remember I saw some cockatrice---upgraded version---inside this room. The mama cockatrices were really angry. Angry birds. Dare touching their eggs, you'll die. /touched anyway

The little bridge at Secret Garden. Oh gawd. Too...gorgeous. /faints
Then I continued, until I finally....
REACHED HER PLACE. \8D/ Roseheart. Rose the Heart. Whoever. Pretty, no? I'm so gonna feature her later...for my secret mission. /whatever is this.
(I gave you hints in previous post already. Don't ask for more.)
But her alone is not enough, so well...more soul crystals and I advanced to another room. Since I need to visit...this girl.
Rose the Spirit. Or her kGE version, Summon Homunclrosea. Whatever that name means. I couldn't get nicer angle this time, thanks to her ohko. She's really cute. (not for the damage, tho) I would love to draw her. soon.
Okay. references collected. Time to get out from this beautiful yet deadly place. In total, I used like...20 soul crystals. Probably more. I FEEL SO HARDCORE. But before leaving, I took a pic first.
sitting like nothing happened like a boss

Thanks to this post, I decided to change the blog layout too. Hope this hurts pleases your eyes more ^0^
And oh. I was forced to create a faction, neutralist alliance, for me and some friends. The name is....GerarLorenFans. WHAT IS THIS NAME I DON'T EVEN....
We decided to form the faction as we will still stay as neutralist anyway, and we can join either Esmero or Souveran inside Alliance War. But heck. Recent Alliance Wars being very lame. Some people just don't care about their allies not getting points at all and prefer to finish the event as soon as possible. Oi. Stop being selfish, you people. Even I know some people complaining for not being able to enter AW because it ended too fast---like, only 30mins since it started. This is why I hate this kind of 'tyranny' in Bach and I refuse to be part of it.

Sooo this is the first pic of our small faction.
haithar, hansamu Gerar. 8D We finally managed to level up this faction to 52, but I refuse to make my chars wearing those stupid glowing swimming tubes so I just transferred the leader position to my mule. /wins

Now, random things. The epic random chat I recorded yesterday.
And lastly, lets end this stupid post of the day with most stupid screenshot I made last night.
nice timing.

-the end-

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm such a retard

for wasting my school hours again working on this. \8D/
I don't have much things to post now, just this stupid stuff I made.
ignore the worst coloring ever.

/I think I forgot sfx for second pic. but who cares

And as you told me, Oli, purple-red-white Lillie there (8'3c

btw, I just finished Daria and Natalie recruitment quests but...I probably only letting their cards rotting in inventory. Still not interested in training Romina-alike character. IDK why. I will probably make a post about them tomorrow. Maaaaaaaaybe.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too Random to be Ignored

I'm just testing campus wi-fi connection. Yeah. Very unimportant random post, here we go. Don't waste your precious time reading these. shoo.

okay, since certain image host sites starting to delete my images, I kinda lazy to update my tumblr now and decide to throw more craps here.... /I'msuchaspammer
But wait. let's begin this with....pasta. some cannelloni and nachos from yesterday event. woyeah. I actually went for shopping. Rarely.


*u* Yes it tasted good

Okay. GE related thing---I have nothing interesting to post atm. Okay I have some, but I bring the files...with me. orz
Not much interesting things to do in game atm. Just daily castilla quest, June the hunter, pioneering merchant quests, circus (if I can still manage to join any circus raid. I hate my daily schedule now), blah and blah. yeah.
Just a little hint of what I'm working on at the moment : /cheatingstudiohoursatschool

Those fiery effects are really annoying. >8|

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Fighter is Awesome + TARGANDUDE

He refuses to do the usual same things most people did. So yeah

And I tried attacking something using his new unusual 'stance'. It was fun.

(yes that was comodo)
HE CUT HIS OWN !^#&*^&@
And lastly
He actually learned ballet.

Okay enough with the shits. I managed to draw some craps on a sheet of paper from my sketchbook....while I was bored as hell in the mid of class. AS USUAL.
Uncle Ralph with his 'come to me, baby' pose. And idk. Why Ralph, why you tend to look better in drawings than in game. But then again you're still awesome. NO MATTER WHAT MOST PEOPLE SAID ABOUT YOU.
Ignore that shota, btw. I don't even know why I drew him at first place.

Targan dude, or Lasell Tar or whoever...I drew this before the newest update about him announced and I went OHSHIT WHY DID HE BECOME ANOTHER WHITE HAIRED BISH AND WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FACE after. T___T IMC y u did this. You did the same to Raven too. WHAIII but he looks awesome still. IMC, you are forgiven.

Oh well. I think I messed up with his anatomy but I still loved the result. I'm starting to treasure my boredom in class.

End of story for the day, I'm freaking sleepy. And oh. What I learned today : dentists know how to torture you using creepiest tools ever without giving you a single chance to struggle.


Monday, February 13, 2012


Today's Valentine's day. WHAT IS VALENTINE. Foreveralone people in the world, unite.

naaaahh~ I'm not into romance that much. Don't really care about valentine (except for GE ingame event that doesn't include cash shop items, perhaps) :B
So IDK what am I going to post this time. lolwait. I already wrote the title. Okay, I shall post some serious doodles I made in studio hours---when I was supposed to work my assignments. ASSignments. IDC~

ORIGINALLY I was planning to color these shits but meh. As if I have the chance to do so. ):U

All these doodles are about...uh...about what. I'm not sure. Perhaps teaser or concept art for some shits? Ahahaha 8D what did I mention. No you didn't read anything. You didn't.
Let's start with lollipops. I dunno, why lollipops. Because I had a dream about....lollipops. Go laugh at me but I never eat that huge round lollipop in my entire life.

This one is....Full armed Leonele. I think it would be stupid for a soldier for not having any weapon for close combat, so that explain the knives. Or I just wanted him to become a ninja.
Nooo it would be nice to see him fighting in close combats, no?
Don't ask for what purpose I sketched this. And sorry, no braid this time. :P

This one...idk again. I won't explain much 8D and yes that is Catherine if you're wondering. I don't really enjoy her in her kunoichi outfit so...a little bit reference from Belle de Jour but this one would be black in color. I think. Hey, I told you I'm lazy to color this.
And that knife, I can't believe I sketched it in a single try without much editing. And kinda like the result.

And Leo without tied or braided hair. 8D Okay I was just trying to draw his face looks...sick. or pale. LALALALA

Let's close this with dramatic scene. :| What? It's my hobby to make this kind of serious scenes.
Hereby the results of my boredom. I think some people knowing me can guess already what's all of this about. Or perhaps... This is the answer :x

(different scanner was used the moment I scanned this)

Ignore the last one. It's dumped sketch I won't use.
And I'm letting my Lorchie standing alone, staring at the farm manager in Ustiur while I was writing this. Why did I bring him inside farm anyway.

(Lastly, do not post the images elsewhere without my permission. Arts aren't something you can freely use or claim without any credit to the original artists)

Friday, February 10, 2012

That Fairy and The Farm

Ok. Here we go with the fairy tale again. This time, he is forced to work the farm alone. This fatty fairy needs some exercises anyway. Btw, prepare your eyes for stupid lazy linearts. I just have no time to color anything for now.
Since there is no guide released by IAH about how the farm works, so yah. We need to figure out by ourselves. ):|

Haven't explored mine that much myself, but well....I think I did some progresses.
The very first question I was thinking about when I entered my farm the first time was : WAIT HOW DO I PLANT SOMETHING. Then I found that NPC. Oh. I need to buy land first. What. Aren't I standing on one already. Well whatever, and since I just started I can only buy one spot to plant seeds.

Yeah, I plant seed on those...clover alike plants.
Since I'm not a hardcore type farmer to hunt all the cabbages and shits needed for Natalie quest, well... I decide to just plant some here. Usually. After all I only need 5-7 hours per seed to grow and ready to harvest.
That moment when you harvest your crops. oooooooohsopricelessss

Next, weeding. I kinda like doing this one. Yet I just don't understand how on earth you can get rafflesia leaves from weeds. But who cares....Removing weeds is amusing yet in the same time annoying.

But actually the weed looks...pretty. With the tiny white flowers it has.
Fishing. Sometimes I got vet gloves and boots from fishing.
Fighting wild animals. I had my pets died once thanks to them.
And so on.
That fairy, went busy. Don't worry. He gets paid for his hard work.
Oh gawd, whatever I posted here. Ignore this. I'm sleepy as hell and still have to solo minibosses in Secret Chaos Requiem. Or Sedecram in S2, I think.
Woooyah expert Veronif and Selva here we goooooooo~~~ =the rise of emo ladies=

/preparing for next post. Get ready for more craps, yo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

80 Questions for GE players....

I know I already made one like this before in facebook, but I think I'll just make another one...with some updates. Since recently some people starting this trend 8'3 thanks for Minun for the translations


(whoever will read these anyway)

1. What is your Family name? Reichstein

2. What GE-version/server do you play on? Singapore Granado Espada, Bach server. Sometimes play on Rembrandt too for lulz-ing around in Startonia.

3. What is your family level and how many characters do you have? Family level 37+0, 39 characters

4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral) Don't have any faction at the moment, under Pegadilla mercenaries. Because I love uncle Gerard. /win

5. How long have you played GE? Around....3 years. I think :P

6. How did you start playing GE? Curiousity. *w* bewtifooll looking gameee~ and so many handsome characters, okay

7. How did you come up with your Family name? Nice question. I wasn't Reichstein at first. I picked name I used for my OC. Amazingly random name.

■ Stock character questions

8. Which stock character is your favorite? Musketeer

9. Please talk freely about fighters. Baby faced characters with the variety of normal sized to gigantic sized weapons. Don't you love to see male fighter swinging around huge sword that is almost at his size.

10. Favorite fighter stances and skills? Equites, Agil. I just love the animation when he turned around backing the enemy and stabbed it with the sword. And bleeding status is love.

11. Please talk freely about wizards. Dandy and dandyzette. /simple

12. Favorite wizard stances and skills? Levitation forever. Photon Splash. (most probably I will ended up liking Telekinesis later tho)

13. Please talk freely about musketeers. Widely used characters, cheap to create and strong enough to pawn almost everything in game.

14. Favorite musketeer stances and skills? Unlimited Shot. Back Slider skill. Don't ask why.

15. Please talk freely about scouts. Well....the one with most role in any raid or pvp. Tanking, resuscitating, buffing, and one character that makes you get scolded the most if you failed to ress your squad mates. ALL THE TIME.

16. Favorite scout stances and skills? Enhanced Tactics, Principal.

17. Please talk freely about the elementalists. Boink. /slap One character I tend to abandon and let to rot in barracks. Have amazing damages and amazing AoE dealers, but...I'm not really into elementalist. 8'>

18. Favorite elementalist stance and skills? Occult Magic - Abyss Flare.

19. Favorite speech/voices of stock characters? (SGE voicepack) male = Male Musketeer. Especially whenever he says "Understood". female = Female Scout. She has lovely, calming voice as supportive character. (for me)

20. Favorite costume/equipment for stock characters?


21. What do you expect of stock characters in the future? Make more potential of them. I don't wish them to be left behind thanks to new imba RNPCs.

■ RNPC/UPC character questions

22. Favorite male RNPC/UPC? Leonele von Hanen, Ion Felipe, that Targan guy whose name I don't know.

23. Favorite female RNPC/UPC? Adriana, Lisa Lynway, Beatrice

24. Favorite RNPC/UPC stance and skills? Beatrice' Tempest Roar, Tempest stance.

25. Favorite speech/voices of RNPCs/UPCs? Hellena's SGE voiceover is the best. Especially when she is singing. 'damdadadamdadadam~'

26. What RNPC/UPC would you recommend to use? Leonele von Hanen. When else you have the chance to see a random fat fairy who has nyan face and a braid that is alive and tingling sometimes./whatever is this I'm talking about.

27. What was your most memorable recruitment quest? again, Leonele's recruitment quest. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THAT DESPERATE IN FINDING TWO SQUADS FULL OF IMBA FAMILIES FOR FINISHING A SINGLE QUEST. F U LEO.

28. Favorite RNPC/UPC that hasn't yet been recruited or released? Ion Felipeeeeeeeeee ;w; and that Targan guy.

29. Favorite costume/equipment for RNPC/UPC? Costume = Adelina Esperanza's Black Pearl costume and Edward's Bristian Colonel. Wait, why my favorite costumes always black in color. As for equipment I won't say anything.

30. What do you expect of RNPCs/UPCs in the future? More male RNPCs, please. They don't have to be bishounens. JUST, MORE MEN PLEASE.

31. Here is Gracielo, looking at you from afar. You feel like he wants to be partners with you. Will you let him join your Family? ....I have more of a feeling that he's one kind of pervert stalking from afar. Well, I already let him joined, yet training him actively is one different matter :B


■ MCC3 questions

32. What characters do you prefer? I kinda confused here...but I prefer stock chars the most.

33. What character do you secretly hate? Romina. I AM HOLDING DEEP GRUDGE AGAINST HER. O wait. Asoka the fatty tuna too.

34. What is your main MCC3 team? (List more if you have more than 1 main team) Musketeer - Fighter - Scout (all stock) for most high leveled raids and PVPs; Leonele-Lisa-Scout if I need DPS team.

35. What team would you think of if you saw the sentence "These are real men..."? Viki - Ramiro - Andre. what? :B

okay, I was joking. I'd say, Gascon - Nar - Male Scout. IDK. ABS POWER SHOWS MUCH.

36. What MCC3 team would you like to use? (Okay to include not yet implemented characters) Leonele - Adriana - Elisa. IF ONLY I CAN EVER GET ADRIANA, THAT IS. The others would be Leonele - Ion - Ludin (LOL) for lulz purpose and Raven - Ralph - Cruise for oyaji harem purpose. /mentally ill fangirl

37. What stats would you primarily add to fighter-types (including RNPCs/UPCs)? CHA. So they would have more charm in battles. OKAY, STR FOR SURE?

38. Stats for wizard-types? STR so they will be able to whack using rods. okay, INT for sure.

39. Stats for scout-types? HP. Not only healing, buffing they also have to do the tanking. Busiest job ever.

40. Stats for musketeer-types? INT. So they would use magic for their shoots instead of bullets. :B DEX, okay.

Hey, it would be awesome if they can shoot magic bullets.

41. Stats for elementalist-types? STR. So those ABS male elem has wont go into waste. /fugyeah Who knows they can use the bracelet as boomerang. ---- INT. OBVIOUSLY.

42. Do you make use of any combination buffs? Pioneer team buff for the most, Duty of the Officer sometimes. EVEN THO I HATE ROMINA.

■ Equipment questions

43. What is your most prideful equipment? Pioneer weapons and armors. WHAT? THEY'RE USEFUL ALL THE TIME, AND CHEAP OKAY. /proud

and this.

don't laugh.

44. What is the nicest equipment you acquired as a drop/in roulette? Are you lucky with drops? LNs from BHG. But I ended up broke em so whatever.

45. Do you enhance items? What is your highest enhancement failure and success? +9, random weapon or shield I showed above

46. Do you think certain enhancement NPCs have more chance to succeed than others? Which one? Idge. Rio hates me for unknown reason. Soho, I won't rely on a part-timer fisherman to enhance my precious weapons.

47. Do you enchant items? What is the best stat you have gotten? 3 DR for some armors. Haven't yet get much luck for weapons.

48. Do you craft your own equipments? Sometimes. If I have the budget ;w;

■ PvP questions

94. What is your experience with victory and defeat in PvP? Normal pvp = not much worthy experience since I usually went in with friends for lulz only to cure boredom. WxPvP = ....awful victory and defeat count /yaoming

50. What MCC3 teams are often used in Team PvP? Musketeer - Fighter - Scout. Sometimes Musk replaced with Raven or Cath Torsche.

51. Please talk about some common tactics. Knock back, destruido, kill the scout with tronada skill, shootdown shot the wizzies, mass cure, Cul-de-sac the scouts so they can't parry. KILL-THE WIZARDS-FIRST.

With the coming of Unlimited Shot, just do unlimited troll skill chain. Skill - Reload Action - Skill - Refresh Mind by Scout - Skill - Reload Action - Skill. :B

52. What are you proud of to achieve in PvP? I could kill Asoka. I COULD KILL HERRRRRR---once. /sigh. And I could defeat those families using glowy constellation weapons. I just love WxPvP.

And I love the moment when I could kill any Leonele with punisher. Sorry, dear fairy.

53. What is the most annoying MCC3 team in PvP? Triple Anias and Najib - Bernelli - Lorch. And Asoka - RE - Valeria.

54. Your most impressive PvP memory? When I fought similar team as mine. Musk - Fighter (with peltast) - Scout. I won with 3 - 2 score. That was nicest PvP match I've ever had.

55. Have you joined Colony War/Alliance War? Please talk freely about it. Yah. Factionless family = Souveran all the time. Which means you will have entire Bach factions gangbang you, bully you to no end. Since you belonged to minority /sigh

(but it's fun, at least I have things to do rather than gangbang-ing Simon Ayende)

56. Any thoughts or expectations about PvP in the future? Make some characters not overly imba in PvPs please. Oh wait. This is my personal rant oTL --- ASOKA, WHO CAN RUN FASTER, DOES RANGED SKILL, TANKS AND DEALS MUCH GREATER DAMAGE THAT CAN OHKO AND KNOCKBACKS YOU ALL THE TIME. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME. (well it's my own fault for not having any pvp char that can deal damage to hard armor tho :B)

■ Other questions

57. What is your favorite pet? Capycapy. I mean capybara. ALL HAIL THE CUTENESS ,,*w*,,

58. What kind of pet would you like to implement? Sheol pet, please. (Y) IT'S TIME WE GET COOLER LOOKING PETS, YO. What? no? Okay, what about Dekaravia pet? Eh, still no? Okay then, what about Frost the clown? :3

59. Favorite pose? Side kick. Whenever you can see girls' pantsu and guys making retarded expression on their face.

60. Please post a favorite screenshot here.

61. What is your favorite monster? Jurgen, in his semi-human form. I just don't get it why he transformed into his final form, perhaps Montoro gave him moonstone or something...(Jurgen is a pokemon, I see)

62. What is your least favorite monster? Phobitans.>:|

63. Do you participate in raids? (Including solo) Depends, if people asking me to, I'll participate gladly lol. Solo, sometimes if I don't get too lazy or the internet allows me to do em.

64. Do you have a favorite leveling map? Lago Celest, Skullic Dungeon.

65. What map, that you've never been to, would you like to visit? Lucifer Castle (well of course, it hasn't implemented yet)

66. What is your favorite city? Viron/Byron. Forever sunny city which has all the corrupted soldiers who will never get tired robbing your EJ.

67. What is your favorite background music from the game? Barracks, Blanco del Ojo, Fatal, Forzar.

68. What is your favorite raid/mission/instance? Please explain about it. Chateau de Bourgogne aka Circus. Because all the bosses and the mansion looked gorgeous. And Frost is just handsome and badass. I WANT HIM AS MY PET OKAY

69. What is your favorite official event? Last Halloween Event...before IAH screwed the drop rate of the event coins.

70. Have you participated in events organized by the gameprovider or individuals? well...I did participated in most art or loading screen contests.

71. What thoughts do you have about the Cash Shop/Item Mall? I have no thoughts about it. Since I never use it anyway, except the time I got free GP.

72. What about any of the gambling webgames related to GE? One word = silly. I never like gambling.

73. Let's be honest. How much do you think people spend in the above mentioned things? I have no idea? -.-; Perhaps enough money to cover my college fees from the very first semester until now. Or enough to get you new laptop(s).

74. What are your fond memories of GE? The memories whenever most of my good friends were still around. Well, they still are now, but those memories when I went to raids with them. Those are precious moments I had.

75. And as well, your bitter memories? When a good friend I met in GE passed away, after I only had to know him better only for few months. And he was a great, nice person. I hope he rest in peace.

76. Do you have any general thoughts, suggestions or ideas about GE? Well. Just be better. >_> I can't say I have any idea for the moment. Btw, the idea about vehicles was cool.

77. What do you think about your GE-versions next update? TONS OF NEW RNPCS. HASDJKHSAKDJSA

78. Take care of yourself in and out of GE! Any words of advice about doing so? Well, just do your best at both. And don't regret things, just have fun. Don't take things too seriously.

79. What do you think about the gameprovider and GMs of your GE-version? Game provider = Asshole. /slap. But I know many people agreed. As for GMs....these new GMs, I don't know them well. They're just too....passive.

80. Cheers for your good work! /o/ /spreads fairy dusts