Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Again (sort of)

Well. Hello all. eue; I think it's been very long since the last time I posted something. /peeks
oh. A month since last post. OKAY, MORE THAN A MONTH. orz

I'm not gonna post much this time, just updating some things including the blog template--and hereby I will try to be active again. as in spamming crap things to read and see again oh well
I will also try to 'update' my blog theme once a month---or maybe once per two months. x'D it's actually a simple thing to do but I'm too lazy. meh

Why the desert theme? Well, I've been...attracted to the Targans recently. Like, Najib and the purinsu Racel. idk why. THIS IS THE SPELL OF BARKEN. And oh, the brat with makeup Tora. I blame Oli that I ended up liking him too >:V /punches Oli this time
I decided to visit Rembrandt sometimes as well. I made my new family, named Lunasilveria (for once I actually like my naming sense) and managed to get the master cards from event \o/ and I made my master lineup there --- Male musk (sorry, I just can't find female musk appealing orz), Najib and Male Scout (for the sekushii-ness). And now busy training their PRE-VET master level /headdesk
anyhow. Rembrandt is pretty fun. And I wanted to slit my wrist with conste dagger seeing all the prices. /cries

and this. I don't get it. WHO IS WHOSE BROTHER---oh well.
While me in Bach, Reichstein, was busy....

roasting some rabbits.
/I was bored okay

/crying laughing

Okay. I have nothing else to post. well I lied just too lazy at the moment yeah so here I post some old doodles.
oh ya. BUT FIRST.

READ, people. READ. I've been seeing MANY people posted or even reused some works for their own advantage WITHOUT crediting the original artists. For goodness sake how hard is it to put a single name or link as source of the artwork? I won't mention any name or any site who did posted my, or my friends' works without permission---I believe you are smart enough to understand. This is a message for you all. and I don't care if Racel and Tora look like homos here
It's not that we as the artists are stingy or something. I've been reminding people in sGE forum to DO PUT SOME CREDIT TO REOS if they were going to use his renders for the contest. It's a form of appreciation to the original artists since, we made something for you for free. Give us something in return. Appreciate us.

just a note, I posted most of my randomstupidcrappyayayayyy scribbles in my tumblr, which address you can see at most of my drawings---well, I put as watermark hihi
^ I was planning to use this one as header before, not the one being used currently. I decided to cancel it since...I wonder if kGE going to change the design of this Bristian dude in the future. I will never know.
IF I CAN'T GET YOU LATER. I WILL. I WILL---idk. I will wail forever for the rest of my gaming life. orz
and currently these guys are pretty much being the 'popular dudes' of GE-tumblr. oh Gawd. What are we doing in there.
That's all for now. Seriously I need to stop now or else I'm gonna post too much shits. See ya. In next time.

/rides the prettiest camel crossing the desert to the direction of the sunset