Friday, February 10, 2012

That Fairy and The Farm

Ok. Here we go with the fairy tale again. This time, he is forced to work the farm alone. This fatty fairy needs some exercises anyway. Btw, prepare your eyes for stupid lazy linearts. I just have no time to color anything for now.
Since there is no guide released by IAH about how the farm works, so yah. We need to figure out by ourselves. ):|

Haven't explored mine that much myself, but well....I think I did some progresses.
The very first question I was thinking about when I entered my farm the first time was : WAIT HOW DO I PLANT SOMETHING. Then I found that NPC. Oh. I need to buy land first. What. Aren't I standing on one already. Well whatever, and since I just started I can only buy one spot to plant seeds.

Yeah, I plant seed on those...clover alike plants.
Since I'm not a hardcore type farmer to hunt all the cabbages and shits needed for Natalie quest, well... I decide to just plant some here. Usually. After all I only need 5-7 hours per seed to grow and ready to harvest.
That moment when you harvest your crops. oooooooohsopricelessss

Next, weeding. I kinda like doing this one. Yet I just don't understand how on earth you can get rafflesia leaves from weeds. But who cares....Removing weeds is amusing yet in the same time annoying.

But actually the weed looks...pretty. With the tiny white flowers it has.
Fishing. Sometimes I got vet gloves and boots from fishing.
Fighting wild animals. I had my pets died once thanks to them.
And so on.
That fairy, went busy. Don't worry. He gets paid for his hard work.
Oh gawd, whatever I posted here. Ignore this. I'm sleepy as hell and still have to solo minibosses in Secret Chaos Requiem. Or Sedecram in S2, I think.
Woooyah expert Veronif and Selva here we goooooooo~~~ =the rise of emo ladies=

/preparing for next post. Get ready for more craps, yo


  1. oh damn this was so amusing. you should make a comic out of this :DDDD so awesome, nice work

    1. C-comic. ''8DDD nah...I don't think I have that much time for that. At least for now. But maybe later...definitely not about farm tho

  2. Oh my god these doodles are so cute. Fffffff

    1. Now you can see what I usually doing in boring class hours ):V

  3. Ahaha! I'm finally home and I can spam the love towards those scribbles. /loves