Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween~

I know this is a bit late but whatever :x Happy Halloween!
SGE is having Halloween Event atm but it's probably one most annoying event I've ever done until now. Man. I hate alphabets collecting. I hate it that I have all the every single alphabet in vault except O.

On a positive side, those alphabet items make pretty 'rainbow' pattern in my vault. xD

*decided to post something in blog more often even if they're just craps and usual douchebaggery*

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Probably, one patch I've been wanting so far.

so uh...hi. :I
it's been centuries since the last time I updated something in this blog. Since I don't have anything interesting to post anyway (ok that's a lie I'm just too lazy)

So what's happening? Yea, SGE has finally updated to ver 10.18.3 recently. Which is including three new RNPCs, Mary, Racel and Tora (yes I refuse to spelled the name 'Marie' and 'Rascel' >8C ) and some other updates. And this patch is probably one patch I've been wanting to be implemented soon before, as Tora and Racel are both my fav charas, and I'm not that hyped for other newer RNPCs and Bristia patch....well ok I'm sort of interested but I was eager for this patch more.

Apparently he is one rich bastard.

Some targets I achieved after the update :
Recruitment of Tora
probably one questline that is full of dramuh and I felt like crying a bit at some part of the whole quests. And I got him just 2-3 hours after the update maintenance finished lmao. I was indeed, rushing for this brat---man, I wanted to get him so much. Aaaand I love Lisa even more thanks to this quest. Huhuh. This lady is badass.
he's still crying even until now /shot

Named him Oliver because of obvious reason. ;D
(and I renamed my Raven to Artie after this)

Recruitment of Mary
well this one is not quite a target but since I'm collector type so I would just finish her quest. Not quite troublesome except the Basement raid part, but I'm capable of soloing it anyway. And Dr. Torsche is forever a creepy old man with his fetish for maids and dolls---and catherine.
which makes me wonder if she's going to 'clean' Lady Catherine's shoulder using....shotgun
Named her Hannah, based on the name of maid character in Kuroshitsuji 2 anime (who also has big bewbs :B ), Hannah Anafeloz.

Catherine Expert Stance
sooo after Mary's recruitment, I advanced to do Catherine's expert stance questline. Which is another heartbreaking story full of dramuh. I chose Puppet Master stance quest since I don't think I would need another melee, range (my barracks full of them), and magic type chara (because I'm kinda suck at using magic type). Plus I always adore summoner type charas. And after I got this stance, I don't regret it at all. I love this stance so much.
Recruitment of Beatrice
WHAT. BEATRICE? NOW? well I wanted to wait till the squad quest count rule improved, which was why I waited for this patch to continue the quest. And finally got her after few tries, thanks to my factionmates who were also questing here and wouldn't mind to recruit people for the hellish Time Paradox raid.
I haven't created her character tho. Still waiting for my friends to get her first.

And SGE also recently re-implemented the english voices from SGE voicepack, with now including new characters from version 10. Still missing voice for some charas but so far I found the new voices amusing. Tora got one amazing voice, which I think better than his kGE version, and I don't prefer jGE since...too shota. Ion is now becoming manlier than before. Vincent. Oh God. I was surprised the first time I heard his voice. So friggin amazing. Even I know someone who started training Vincent because of his awesome voiceover recently lol. Racel? his voice made me laughcry since...I expected something better....but it's not that bad tho. Just his accent cracks me up.
Grandies = oh God no. Mary is...okay, perhaps? Adriana has okay voice too although sometimes she's a bit noisy xD (but I hated her kGE yellings more so it's fine for me). Beatrice? her voice is awesome. Awesomely psycho, awesome tone. But sometimes feels awkward. But still awesome, I even consider creating her soon.

Ok now art session....recently I've been trying to make something....stupid. (as usual)
I was trying to make several pages of doujin---I'M CURIOUS HOW WOULD IT TURN LIKE IF I EVER MAKE A COMIC OF GE---so yeah fuck quality, I tried. Dx

what is proper toning
Don't ever ask what's going on in these previews why is Tora kicking some people trying to break their necks why Racel injured why the awkward background why. Just don't. Even if you ask I wont answer >:U
test pages gogo~

Ok that's all for now, see ya next time. And remind me to change my blog layout next time orz

And oh, btw I updated my Tumblr more often than my Blogspot. So if you want feel free to check it = or feel free to ask anything.