Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simsimi and some serious shit

Sorry no in game screenshots this time. Just some doodles.

I'm near to the deadline for my final project, yet here I am, doodling random craps about GE again. I'm almost stressed out by my schoolworks---okay I already am---so I'm starting to draw somethings, before I finally going to explode or flipping some tables. And here I was playing around with simsimi chat bot, and seriously. Either I'm foreveralone or I was snapped. I enjoyed that website though.

Some answers were really funny.

btw, I love those cute chickens. Gotta download this app for android.
Embarrassed Lionel. Cute and simple guy eh. /shrugs
OH. This is fun. /started to ask some more

...ignore me.

Okay I'm not really sure whether his name is actually spelled as Russel, but that definitely looks better than...Rachel. Racel is good as well but meh.
hohoooo this was really fun. I should make more using more RNPCs. JUST IF I HAVE NOTHING IMPORTANT TO DO. huhu
aanyway. No ingame update for now. Not much family update anyway.

........Oh wow I'm sleepy.
Okay last drawing before I go sleep. Remember my previous post about my dream team MCC3? Here they are. I tried to make a scene for them....


If you can guess what monster is that, bravo for you. Btw ignore the stains and lame outline, I'm lazy to clean and just making this for lulz....tho I can't deny that I really want to make the other pages....Maybe later. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater once I'm done with school things. =u=

That's all for now. I can't think clearly now thanks to my eyes that getting heavier. I hope I can post something less....stupid next time.

One more thing, dare posting the drawings elsewhere without my permission, I will pray a bearwalker will come to rape you.
/jumps to bed

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay I'm not so sure anymore

...about liking Mary as much as the first time I saw her. When she was introduced I was like, OOOHHH NAISU. She's cute. Even tho she looks too Asian for a 'Mary' but ah well....

But then I saw the gif images of her running in town, running while entertaining all the boys with her pantsu and the jiggling boobs....okay. Not anymore. Too much fanservice. I still like her nevertheless but I'll probably going to get her as additional shotgun user only, since her stance and stats are pretty awesome. (BUT SORRY LORCH IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE) But not planning to use her for my main lineup. Same goes to my claire, ludin and reckless---sorry but you bishes can just stay as secondary supporting characters forever ^u^

okay she will make good character for hentai GE fanarts out there, I believe 8D

talking about Mary.
She'll make a good wife as well. But not for my Lionel, hell no :3

Here goes IAH with their problem in handling the server stability again. Yesterday we had 12hours maintenance but it was okay since I was at school anyway 8D then near midnight, it happened again. Okay. This tend to happen in any server, not only IAH, so I won't complain much. After all I won't be much active in game for these two weeks.

Ok let's go on to another drawing~
it's lunch time
my dream team ; u ; it was adriana - lionel - elisa at first. But then Racel comes. oookay I like him. I HAVE to get him. No matter he got lulzy human beyblade skills in his exclusive stance, I still like him.

/punches Leo

pencil sketches huhu. I barely able to draw anything good now. Just these two....because I'm at my limit. I would kill myself if I can't draw anything at all.

in game family updates....nothing much. OKAY, I LIED. I finally finished Castilla episode 2 (ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOU ADMIRAL. ONE STEP CLOSERRRRRR) and currently having fun with Lisa and her Blitz assault. People keep saying that that stance is sux in pvp, but well. Oh right. Try to hit her with any ultimate physical skill you got when she is buffed. I can still remember the moment my Lisa parried skills from Asoka, Calyce, Lionel, and everyone else like a bawz inside Alliance War---and in return she got her passive buff that gives her 5DR and allows her to inflict multiplied damages from skills. Butthenshecan'tdoanythingwhenitcomestomagicskills orz

Ok that's all for today~
brb running from angry turkis 8Ba

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Moment of Boredom & BDAY DULLIE

Lago Celeste's amazing waterfalls\8D/

We ended up doing retarded things together....well I always do random retarded things everyday so this is not something new. But whatever. We just finished the daily circus, had nothing to do, and decided to spend the rest of day taking random screenshots.
So yeah at first we thought of looking for some maps with beautiful that we had in mind at first was Lago Celeste. Of course.
look, look, turkis, it's yer febelez uncle

IT'S SHOWer TIME~ /remembers one of Ralph sGE voiceover line.
weeeeeeeee~ okay this was fabulous 8'3 but since this spot is the very spot golden spider spawned, well...
it did spawned in the mid of photoshoot moments.
ok since we stripped all our weapons to make our fabulous photoshoot moments earlier, we ended up bareknux that spider for lulz....which of course took forever to down and in the end we killed it with proper weapon ^0^/
oh God what were we doing
Got bored. so we moved to...Bahia this time.
I suggested us to do something...I like to do the most in here.

oh goodness this was precious :'''''''''''''} next time should bring more people
these poses were arranged by me /swish. and that brat was there to take better pic from better angle. ah well, I dont mind having one...or two combo breakers in a photo.
ok enough with the bunch of stupid pics. Before I forget (well actually I don't, but...I'm just slacking away since I'm too lazy to write things for blog post 8D ) I should upload this...drawing I made in the middle of class. (yes, I drew everything in class hours)
forgive that fairy, well...he just can't resist...cakes...

there you go, Oli. Happy bday \8D/ sorry for the B&W drawing...I hardly able to draw anything recently TnT
and since I didn't bother to take a look at Dullie's costume, so yeah I changed few details on his clothes...don't mind with it huhuhu

end of today's post. I'm going to kill myself with more homeworks \o/ cya~