Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Being productive means more derping.

loli is too mainstream, from now on she will become waypoint.
/kicks Sarkis and Calla

Here comes Reich with her stupid post again---not something unusual.
Tomorrow is a sacred day for my final project, I need to make presentation, yet I am here updating blog. WHAT THE HELL, MYSELF. WHAT THE HELL. Oh who cares.

I like how I haven't make too much progresses in game now. orz No wonder I forever stuck---
ok not really. I decided to master Lorchie (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. LORCH. OF ALL CHARACTERS. LORCH. but I love him) and been using him for Arsene raid recently. Thanks to his imba poops---I mean traps. I even brought him to Alliance War too to see how trolling he is...and I love him even now. EAT THOSE TRAPS GAIZ. Hihihi. Too bad Alliance War getting sux again, everyone rushing to kill Simon again. bleh

Honestly I have this habit of being anti mainstream when it comes to characters trend. When everyone goes for Reckless, I'm training Stock Wizard. When everyone else went training ATP+Bloody Feast, I went for Raven (and never regret it). When everyone goes for Unlimited Shot, I go for Lorch. And when everyone trains Ludin, I train....Najib. WTH. I even decide to make him my first bloody feast user in my family, and not Adelina. fufufu. Sometimes I'm getting laughed at this but idc. Even when my friend said stock characters are too old fashioned, I just told him that I don't care. I've been using stock chars as main lineup all this time and don't have any plan to change any sooner.

back to derp.
When random town derping caused bigger convo in the end.

"big bro, protect me from those aunties"

poor horse.

Wrath of the Dolls.
I decided to pay a visit to BHG Torsche mansion, and it was...lulz...I ended up soloing using Cath DEX as IBS didn't make it.
Thanks to this I finally finished Master Guardian quest of normal token tho.

Now time for doodles. More about the dream team, Racel - Lionel - Elisa again xD
I decided to make each character their own personalities...because I can. idk
Racel, the one who always does as he pleases. Now he's just pouting as Leo didn't allow him to go to a place he wanted to visit and instead dragging him somewhere else. In the end, this guy just unwillingly followed his team mates anyway. A member of Targa royal family who is full of curiosity, impatient, hyperactive, grumpy, but still one talented and skilled fighter.
Elisa, the medic. She's a kind woman, she really is. Patient, calm, and quiet character. But don't you ever try to ignore her whenever she's wanting to aid your wounds---no matter how small the wound is. Just let her do her job, or else...

Lastly, Lionel, the reliable one to drags and stops Racel from wandering around anywhere and does anything as he pleases, and also the one who organizes raids and backs up in battles with his shooting skills.
Now I want to start something unusual to make this blog...less boring. Oh well it will still be boring but. Ok. whatever. Now, quiz time.
If you can guess where did I take this screenie below, I'll give you free artwork at your request (which I prefer GE related as this is mainly about GE anyway) and sorry, no in game item. I'm not rich.

Just mention the exact map location, will be better if you put the coordinate as well so I'm sure you're not just randomly guessing---but since I'm kind it's okay to just mention the map xD the fastest one to answer with the right answer, wins.
If noone able to answer, I will close down the quiz in my next post, along with the actual answer. And maybe I will give you new question...just see.
isn't it easy one.
cya again in next post~ (as if anyone will be interested anyway...but it's just for fun~)