Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little guide about Puppet Master

I've posted this in my tumblr already but I'll just copy paste this in here.

For some people who have been wondering what ET buff to give to Catherine Summoner that will affect the dolls’ stats on Puppet Master stance, here I give example of my test.

First pic shows my Catherine on Princi buff (lv12) + Magic enh (lv12). Note that the dolls will have HALF of Catherine’s penetration and immunity rate, so in the pic it is shown that she had 44 pene and 49 immu — which gave the dolls 22 pene and 24 immu.

Now second pic, I gave Cath Princi buff (lv12) + Shooting enh (lv12). She got 51 pene and 49 immu after, which gave the dolls 26 pene and 24 immu.
What does this mean? Cath summon works similar like builder charas like Jack Angie and Diego, they need shooting buff in order to pump their pene rate, and same goes to Cath.

Does magic enhance buff affect Sasha’s (magic type doll) attack?
The answer is NO. As you can see she didn’t get any atk increase when Cath was under magic enh buff. What will affect the dolls are only AR/DR and pene/immu rate. Instead, under shooting buff, the dolls get extra elemental and mental penetration (which I believe what PE stands for?).
Magic enh (lv 11/12) will only affect extra AR and....shorter cast time in summoning.

How do you use the dolls in most effective way in raiding?
Remember that the dolls only have half of the pene/immu rate (which is iirc different than other cath combat summons?), which makes them VERY vulnerable to skills, even they can get ohkoed under necroshaman’s aoe in BHG occulta if you don’t pump their immu high enough. So best method is that keep your dolls safe by using another chara to tank the monsters for them. And only summon Lloyd and Sasha if you need range dps, since Mighty Victor requires Cath to stand REAL CLOSE to the monster or else it won’t attack. Usually in Clock Tower raid, I only summon Crown Lloyd and Lady Sasha because putting my Cath too close to the boss would kill her.
HOWEVER, you can try to make the dolls scatter using Aye Maam! skill, but still dolls are not controllable. You can make Mighty Victor tank mobs, tho. That doll is one tough tanker with awesome HP.

What stats best to get for controller?
 I would suggest ATK (AR) + 2 for the best, I know you can get DEF (DR) + 2 stat or both in one controller tho but...I would prefer at least AR + 2. And don't forget to put penetration rumins on it.

About stat points and skill points distributions?
Pump CHA on Cath Summoner. CHA will affect the summoned dolls' base stats, including atk. As for Puppet Master, unmax Nightmare skill.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Some unimportant family updates

It's getting boring in sGE recently. I've been waiting for the release of Racel Targa, yet he is still unlocked. >8'I so for now I only do my daily raids everyday. Even I'm starting to get lazy to raid and ended up logging in only to participate in World Cross PvP to farm pvp and exp points.

Inon, forever my best tanker in Ice Wiz Tower BHG
 And I hope Bristia patch wont come too soon....idk. I just don't feel ready for new patch. But I definitely need Bristia patch badly since we will no longer need stimulation scrolls in that patch, and I have like 80% characters in my barracks still unstimulated lol

Some family updates and some things need to be done :
- Got Diable for Haldeit, my Battlecook Panfilo. But I haven't yet to level it
- Wanted shot on Gavin and Tempest stance on Cartaglia, my Beatrice on training
- Just mastered Draven, my Vincent. Some other charas also reached expert level after weeks of WxPvP points farming.
- Gotta craft Karas Delusion maingauche for Racel. Soon. BUT RACEL ISN'T EVEN HERE YET WHATDO
- Another Hope of Argus for Racel later. And don't forget racial sabres and daggers/maingauches

 Meanwhile in Aion, I finally got my Chanter, Almathea to level 26 and finished the Abyss Gate quest so now IT'S TIME TO YOLO IN RESHANTA YEAAA
I got him new armor skin as well. Pretty lovely. I don't regret buying it ;3
Yes, it's a he. He's a boi.

I don't have anything interesting to post this time so here have some loli Lionel.


ok cya~ /sleepy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween~

I know this is a bit late but whatever :x Happy Halloween!
SGE is having Halloween Event atm but it's probably one most annoying event I've ever done until now. Man. I hate alphabets collecting. I hate it that I have all the every single alphabet in vault except O.

On a positive side, those alphabet items make pretty 'rainbow' pattern in my vault. xD

*decided to post something in blog more often even if they're just craps and usual douchebaggery*

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Probably, one patch I've been wanting so far.

so uh...hi. :I
it's been centuries since the last time I updated something in this blog. Since I don't have anything interesting to post anyway (ok that's a lie I'm just too lazy)

So what's happening? Yea, SGE has finally updated to ver 10.18.3 recently. Which is including three new RNPCs, Mary, Racel and Tora (yes I refuse to spelled the name 'Marie' and 'Rascel' >8C ) and some other updates. And this patch is probably one patch I've been wanting to be implemented soon before, as Tora and Racel are both my fav charas, and I'm not that hyped for other newer RNPCs and Bristia patch....well ok I'm sort of interested but I was eager for this patch more.

Apparently he is one rich bastard.

Some targets I achieved after the update :
Recruitment of Tora
probably one questline that is full of dramuh and I felt like crying a bit at some part of the whole quests. And I got him just 2-3 hours after the update maintenance finished lmao. I was indeed, rushing for this brat---man, I wanted to get him so much. Aaaand I love Lisa even more thanks to this quest. Huhuh. This lady is badass.
he's still crying even until now /shot

Named him Oliver because of obvious reason. ;D
(and I renamed my Raven to Artie after this)

Recruitment of Mary
well this one is not quite a target but since I'm collector type so I would just finish her quest. Not quite troublesome except the Basement raid part, but I'm capable of soloing it anyway. And Dr. Torsche is forever a creepy old man with his fetish for maids and dolls---and catherine.
which makes me wonder if she's going to 'clean' Lady Catherine's shoulder using....shotgun
Named her Hannah, based on the name of maid character in Kuroshitsuji 2 anime (who also has big bewbs :B ), Hannah Anafeloz.

Catherine Expert Stance
sooo after Mary's recruitment, I advanced to do Catherine's expert stance questline. Which is another heartbreaking story full of dramuh. I chose Puppet Master stance quest since I don't think I would need another melee, range (my barracks full of them), and magic type chara (because I'm kinda suck at using magic type). Plus I always adore summoner type charas. And after I got this stance, I don't regret it at all. I love this stance so much.
Recruitment of Beatrice
WHAT. BEATRICE? NOW? well I wanted to wait till the squad quest count rule improved, which was why I waited for this patch to continue the quest. And finally got her after few tries, thanks to my factionmates who were also questing here and wouldn't mind to recruit people for the hellish Time Paradox raid.
I haven't created her character tho. Still waiting for my friends to get her first.

And SGE also recently re-implemented the english voices from SGE voicepack, with now including new characters from version 10. Still missing voice for some charas but so far I found the new voices amusing. Tora got one amazing voice, which I think better than his kGE version, and I don't prefer jGE since...too shota. Ion is now becoming manlier than before. Vincent. Oh God. I was surprised the first time I heard his voice. So friggin amazing. Even I know someone who started training Vincent because of his awesome voiceover recently lol. Racel? his voice made me laughcry since...I expected something better....but it's not that bad tho. Just his accent cracks me up.
Grandies = oh God no. Mary is...okay, perhaps? Adriana has okay voice too although sometimes she's a bit noisy xD (but I hated her kGE yellings more so it's fine for me). Beatrice? her voice is awesome. Awesomely psycho, awesome tone. But sometimes feels awkward. But still awesome, I even consider creating her soon.

Ok now art session....recently I've been trying to make something....stupid. (as usual)
I was trying to make several pages of doujin---I'M CURIOUS HOW WOULD IT TURN LIKE IF I EVER MAKE A COMIC OF GE---so yeah fuck quality, I tried. Dx

what is proper toning
Don't ever ask what's going on in these previews why is Tora kicking some people trying to break their necks why Racel injured why the awkward background why. Just don't. Even if you ask I wont answer >:U
test pages gogo~

Ok that's all for now, see ya next time. And remind me to change my blog layout next time orz

And oh, btw I updated my Tumblr more often than my Blogspot. So if you want feel free to check it = or feel free to ask anything.

Monday, August 20, 2012

SGE Family Update, Version 10.6

It's been long time since my last post,....but that's not something new. I'm one laziest blogger on earth anyway :|
I will try to be more active again here even tho that means I gotta spam shits on my own blog lullz
The thing is, I don't have much thing to do ingame except recruiting new RNPCs after ver 10 and doing daily raids. But other than that, I don't do much training. I even brilliantly wasted my HPS because I got lazy. I hate HPS, I feel like I wasn't able to do much things since I had premium buff running.
Progress post major update to version 10.6, Bach server SEA Granado Espada, Reichstein family. Wall of text gogo.
Finished with Judgment Day pioneering questline.

But what is with 'the judgment of the day' omg IAH. Completed this questline without much difficulty (except the SC spamming in Lucifer Garden part and random server disconnection when I was inside instanced quest battle mission. Yep, good job IAH as usual)
I like the ending---but I don't like the part of defeating Montoro baby. TuT

Recruited Grandies

tbh I didn't really like her at first since I knew she was going to be one imbalanced character. And I was right. She's the perfect example of imbalanced character, especially in WxPvP. But well. I grew up liking her a bit since she has rather interesting storyline, and she's pretty badass to choose to stand up and fight despite her existence as a clone. I named her Scarlet, and don't ask me why. I am now using her for second raider main lineup.

Recruited Ion Felipe

Well of course you, Ion. You crai bby.
If you asked me what is my best achievement in game so far, perhaps this would be my answer. I completed Beroniff 10.500 quest item hunts after weeks (well I couldn't do 24hrs hunting and afk hunt was not quite a good solution). He's one of my dream RNPC in GE, as his character designed by my favorite kGE artist, Sorote, and he's awesome. Even tho his recruitment storyline is hilarious. Named him Inon Oannes, Ion's  original name before Ion Felipe, the name given by Sorote. He's included in my secondary raid lineup as well.

Recruited Vincent

Same case as Grandies. I used to hate him before. But then, I found he's adorable at some point---and was kinda surprised that actually he's a good guy, really good one in his questline. He's no emo or psycho at all, just...well maybe just a bit. Or rather eccentric. But nop, he's no evil. I like Vincent now. I named him Draven, recruited him on the day after the patch and gotten his Abyss stancebook and tome as well.

Recruited Elisa

She's one adorable RNPC despite her recycled elem hair....I like her soft and fragile character, but I was a bit confused with her storyline....well okay. Her story is quite okay but I wasn't that amused. However I recruited her without difficulty since I already prepared her quest items months before update. Named her Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn in Roman mythology, because her eyes color resembles the color of the sky at dawn. And I have special storyline and role for her involved my future dream lineup, Racel-Tora-Elisa, thus the name. B)

 Recruited Admiral Adriana

My gawd, she looks adorable here. This lady is one of my dream RNPCs as well. I like her tough, strong figure as a lady and OOH MEGANE (and her sadist personality is definitely amazing lol). She is my Bayonetta. Finally got her after struggling with Tempest with some nice friends who were willing to help me since I was so despo for that quest part. Thanks guys, you're the best 8')
Named her Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. I wanted to name her Athena but got rid of that idea because of...Bach. uknowhatImean

Recruited Cruise

This stupid uncle who gets involved in money problem thanks to his gambling addict. However I ended up felt pitiful for but heh. Your fault, Cruise. Your fault. Finally got him after staying awake for a night finding the mobs I needed to kill for his quest. Hahaha those quests are even more fucked up than Ion 10.500 item hunt. But I managed to finish after squadding with random people---got him after 2days of hunting. Named him Amon because screw my naming sense.

One achievement left to be fulfilled :
Recruiting Beatrice. I'm stuck at Time Paradox raid part. But I decided to just give up for now and wait for next update since the current quest item drop system is fucked up. Sorry for her fans but she's the complete opposite for rest characters for me as....I grew up hating her. Thanks to some obsessed fans who worship her and even starting to compare how her imbaness is above everything other charas have. Nop, no fucking way. My charas will still perfect for me and I don't give a fuck about how imbalance one chara is. I like her, really. I like her just like I like all other RNPCs.

And I still need to recruit Racel Targa, Tora and Mary in the later update.
But aside of those, I don't really have the interest in future updates. Perhaps I'm kinda interested about Bristia, okay. But so far the updates are just 'similar cycle' being implemented---new RNPC, new stance, and another new RNPC, and another new stance, and so on. Nothing really new for me.

Lastly, just saying that I will start to post things about Aion here as I started to play that game since few weeks ago together with some friends (HAIII OLI ARTIE LLYSE ONION DORA HIII) I think I will give GE some breaks while waiting for next update for Racel-Tora and Mary. ^__^
And oh.
Eid Mubarak for everyone who is celebrating \^0^/

/end of text wall

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So yeah, Oliiii I finished these at last. The rewards for your correct answer from my last quiz. 8'3
/spams you with cutiesweetiepie Tora

if you dare posting these without permission, I hope random arabian dude will throw sands at your eyes and blinding you forever. /whateven

in game update : I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH VER 10 RNPCS PREPARATIONS. HUHAHAHAHAHAH now left the growth stones orz
Ion. I'm so gonna make you work HARD for me. Just you wait. You have to pay for all my efforts to get you.

That's all for now. I think I need to make more...decent...artwork. yeah.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Again (sort of)

Well. Hello all. eue; I think it's been very long since the last time I posted something. /peeks
oh. A month since last post. OKAY, MORE THAN A MONTH. orz

I'm not gonna post much this time, just updating some things including the blog template--and hereby I will try to be active again. as in spamming crap things to read and see again oh well
I will also try to 'update' my blog theme once a month---or maybe once per two months. x'D it's actually a simple thing to do but I'm too lazy. meh

Why the desert theme? Well, I've been...attracted to the Targans recently. Like, Najib and the purinsu Racel. idk why. THIS IS THE SPELL OF BARKEN. And oh, the brat with makeup Tora. I blame Oli that I ended up liking him too >:V /punches Oli this time
I decided to visit Rembrandt sometimes as well. I made my new family, named Lunasilveria (for once I actually like my naming sense) and managed to get the master cards from event \o/ and I made my master lineup there --- Male musk (sorry, I just can't find female musk appealing orz), Najib and Male Scout (for the sekushii-ness). And now busy training their PRE-VET master level /headdesk
anyhow. Rembrandt is pretty fun. And I wanted to slit my wrist with conste dagger seeing all the prices. /cries

and this. I don't get it. WHO IS WHOSE BROTHER---oh well.
While me in Bach, Reichstein, was busy....

roasting some rabbits.
/I was bored okay

/crying laughing

Okay. I have nothing else to post. well I lied just too lazy at the moment yeah so here I post some old doodles.
oh ya. BUT FIRST.

READ, people. READ. I've been seeing MANY people posted or even reused some works for their own advantage WITHOUT crediting the original artists. For goodness sake how hard is it to put a single name or link as source of the artwork? I won't mention any name or any site who did posted my, or my friends' works without permission---I believe you are smart enough to understand. This is a message for you all. and I don't care if Racel and Tora look like homos here
It's not that we as the artists are stingy or something. I've been reminding people in sGE forum to DO PUT SOME CREDIT TO REOS if they were going to use his renders for the contest. It's a form of appreciation to the original artists since, we made something for you for free. Give us something in return. Appreciate us.

just a note, I posted most of my randomstupidcrappyayayayyy scribbles in my tumblr, which address you can see at most of my drawings---well, I put as watermark hihi
^ I was planning to use this one as header before, not the one being used currently. I decided to cancel it since...I wonder if kGE going to change the design of this Bristian dude in the future. I will never know.
IF I CAN'T GET YOU LATER. I WILL. I WILL---idk. I will wail forever for the rest of my gaming life. orz
and currently these guys are pretty much being the 'popular dudes' of GE-tumblr. oh Gawd. What are we doing in there.
That's all for now. Seriously I need to stop now or else I'm gonna post too much shits. See ya. In next time.

/rides the prettiest camel crossing the desert to the direction of the sunset

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Being productive means more derping.

loli is too mainstream, from now on she will become waypoint.
/kicks Sarkis and Calla

Here comes Reich with her stupid post again---not something unusual.
Tomorrow is a sacred day for my final project, I need to make presentation, yet I am here updating blog. WHAT THE HELL, MYSELF. WHAT THE HELL. Oh who cares.

I like how I haven't make too much progresses in game now. orz No wonder I forever stuck---
ok not really. I decided to master Lorchie (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. LORCH. OF ALL CHARACTERS. LORCH. but I love him) and been using him for Arsene raid recently. Thanks to his imba poops---I mean traps. I even brought him to Alliance War too to see how trolling he is...and I love him even now. EAT THOSE TRAPS GAIZ. Hihihi. Too bad Alliance War getting sux again, everyone rushing to kill Simon again. bleh

Honestly I have this habit of being anti mainstream when it comes to characters trend. When everyone goes for Reckless, I'm training Stock Wizard. When everyone else went training ATP+Bloody Feast, I went for Raven (and never regret it). When everyone goes for Unlimited Shot, I go for Lorch. And when everyone trains Ludin, I train....Najib. WTH. I even decide to make him my first bloody feast user in my family, and not Adelina. fufufu. Sometimes I'm getting laughed at this but idc. Even when my friend said stock characters are too old fashioned, I just told him that I don't care. I've been using stock chars as main lineup all this time and don't have any plan to change any sooner.

back to derp.
When random town derping caused bigger convo in the end.

"big bro, protect me from those aunties"

poor horse.

Wrath of the Dolls.
I decided to pay a visit to BHG Torsche mansion, and it was...lulz...I ended up soloing using Cath DEX as IBS didn't make it.
Thanks to this I finally finished Master Guardian quest of normal token tho.

Now time for doodles. More about the dream team, Racel - Lionel - Elisa again xD
I decided to make each character their own personalities...because I can. idk
Racel, the one who always does as he pleases. Now he's just pouting as Leo didn't allow him to go to a place he wanted to visit and instead dragging him somewhere else. In the end, this guy just unwillingly followed his team mates anyway. A member of Targa royal family who is full of curiosity, impatient, hyperactive, grumpy, but still one talented and skilled fighter.
Elisa, the medic. She's a kind woman, she really is. Patient, calm, and quiet character. But don't you ever try to ignore her whenever she's wanting to aid your wounds---no matter how small the wound is. Just let her do her job, or else...

Lastly, Lionel, the reliable one to drags and stops Racel from wandering around anywhere and does anything as he pleases, and also the one who organizes raids and backs up in battles with his shooting skills.
Now I want to start something unusual to make this blog...less boring. Oh well it will still be boring but. Ok. whatever. Now, quiz time.
If you can guess where did I take this screenie below, I'll give you free artwork at your request (which I prefer GE related as this is mainly about GE anyway) and sorry, no in game item. I'm not rich.

Just mention the exact map location, will be better if you put the coordinate as well so I'm sure you're not just randomly guessing---but since I'm kind it's okay to just mention the map xD the fastest one to answer with the right answer, wins.
If noone able to answer, I will close down the quiz in my next post, along with the actual answer. And maybe I will give you new question...just see.
isn't it easy one.
cya again in next post~ (as if anyone will be interested anyway...but it's just for fun~)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simsimi and some serious shit

Sorry no in game screenshots this time. Just some doodles.

I'm near to the deadline for my final project, yet here I am, doodling random craps about GE again. I'm almost stressed out by my schoolworks---okay I already am---so I'm starting to draw somethings, before I finally going to explode or flipping some tables. And here I was playing around with simsimi chat bot, and seriously. Either I'm foreveralone or I was snapped. I enjoyed that website though.

Some answers were really funny.

btw, I love those cute chickens. Gotta download this app for android.
Embarrassed Lionel. Cute and simple guy eh. /shrugs
OH. This is fun. /started to ask some more

...ignore me.

Okay I'm not really sure whether his name is actually spelled as Russel, but that definitely looks better than...Rachel. Racel is good as well but meh.
hohoooo this was really fun. I should make more using more RNPCs. JUST IF I HAVE NOTHING IMPORTANT TO DO. huhu
aanyway. No ingame update for now. Not much family update anyway.

........Oh wow I'm sleepy.
Okay last drawing before I go sleep. Remember my previous post about my dream team MCC3? Here they are. I tried to make a scene for them....


If you can guess what monster is that, bravo for you. Btw ignore the stains and lame outline, I'm lazy to clean and just making this for lulz....tho I can't deny that I really want to make the other pages....Maybe later. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater once I'm done with school things. =u=

That's all for now. I can't think clearly now thanks to my eyes that getting heavier. I hope I can post something less....stupid next time.

One more thing, dare posting the drawings elsewhere without my permission, I will pray a bearwalker will come to rape you.
/jumps to bed

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay I'm not so sure anymore

...about liking Mary as much as the first time I saw her. When she was introduced I was like, OOOHHH NAISU. She's cute. Even tho she looks too Asian for a 'Mary' but ah well....

But then I saw the gif images of her running in town, running while entertaining all the boys with her pantsu and the jiggling boobs....okay. Not anymore. Too much fanservice. I still like her nevertheless but I'll probably going to get her as additional shotgun user only, since her stance and stats are pretty awesome. (BUT SORRY LORCH IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE) But not planning to use her for my main lineup. Same goes to my claire, ludin and reckless---sorry but you bishes can just stay as secondary supporting characters forever ^u^

okay she will make good character for hentai GE fanarts out there, I believe 8D

talking about Mary.
She'll make a good wife as well. But not for my Lionel, hell no :3

Here goes IAH with their problem in handling the server stability again. Yesterday we had 12hours maintenance but it was okay since I was at school anyway 8D then near midnight, it happened again. Okay. This tend to happen in any server, not only IAH, so I won't complain much. After all I won't be much active in game for these two weeks.

Ok let's go on to another drawing~
it's lunch time
my dream team ; u ; it was adriana - lionel - elisa at first. But then Racel comes. oookay I like him. I HAVE to get him. No matter he got lulzy human beyblade skills in his exclusive stance, I still like him.

/punches Leo

pencil sketches huhu. I barely able to draw anything good now. Just these two....because I'm at my limit. I would kill myself if I can't draw anything at all.

in game family updates....nothing much. OKAY, I LIED. I finally finished Castilla episode 2 (ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOU ADMIRAL. ONE STEP CLOSERRRRRR) and currently having fun with Lisa and her Blitz assault. People keep saying that that stance is sux in pvp, but well. Oh right. Try to hit her with any ultimate physical skill you got when she is buffed. I can still remember the moment my Lisa parried skills from Asoka, Calyce, Lionel, and everyone else like a bawz inside Alliance War---and in return she got her passive buff that gives her 5DR and allows her to inflict multiplied damages from skills. Butthenshecan'tdoanythingwhenitcomestomagicskills orz

Ok that's all for today~
brb running from angry turkis 8Ba