Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Moment of Boredom & BDAY DULLIE

Lago Celeste's amazing waterfalls\8D/

We ended up doing retarded things together....well I always do random retarded things everyday so this is not something new. But whatever. We just finished the daily circus, had nothing to do, and decided to spend the rest of day taking random screenshots.
So yeah at first we thought of looking for some maps with beautiful scenery....one that we had in mind at first was Lago Celeste. Of course.
look, look, turkis, it's yer febelez uncle

IT'S SHOWer TIME~ /remembers one of Ralph sGE voiceover line.
weeeeeeeee~ okay this was fabulous 8'3 but since this spot is the very spot golden spider spawned, well...
it did spawned in the mid of photoshoot moments.
ok since we stripped all our weapons to make our fabulous photoshoot moments earlier, we ended up bareknux that spider for lulz....which of course took forever to down and in the end we killed it with proper weapon ^0^/
oh God what were we doing
Got bored. so we moved to...Bahia this time.
I suggested us to do something...I like to do the most in here.

oh goodness this was precious :'''''''''''''} next time should bring more people
these poses were arranged by me /swish. and that brat was there to take better pic from better angle. ah well, I dont mind having one...or two combo breakers in a photo.
ok enough with the bunch of stupid pics. Before I forget (well actually I don't, but...I'm just slacking away since I'm too lazy to write things for blog post 8D ) I should upload this...drawing I made in the middle of class. (yes, I drew everything in class hours)
forgive that fairy, well...he just can't resist...cakes...

there you go, Oli. Happy bday \8D/ sorry for the B&W drawing...I hardly able to draw anything recently TnT
and since I didn't bother to take a look at Dullie's costume, so yeah I changed few details on his clothes...don't mind with it huhuhu

end of today's post. I'm going to kill myself with more homeworks \o/ cya~


  1. Omg I'm so jealous >:'C I can't do cannonballs and what not flying activities in Bahia.... Because MY ASS PC LIKES TO IGNORE THE FACT CHARACTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO FLY.. I just teleport somewhere /tears
    I realized I should do some derping when I'm bored as well.. Its been years since I last did something like that *normally pushes poor noobs in dangerous areas for afk and does other things*

    And dear god.. thank you. sob. The little fairy is the best. TvT Don't worry about his stupid outfit.. I always forget to add some frills and details and am under the risk of losing my own head.. so its forgivable. ;3; *pets drawing* its gorgeous..

    1. I experienced the sudden teleport too few times >u> especially when lagging. well, the time I took the pic, there was no lag, so yeah~waiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
      I should do the opposite. been derping...too...much... D'x

      sokay 8D glad if you like it
      /gives you the fairy--go ahead and slap his butt. or squish him or anything~

    2. Ahaha :D You have friends.. lazy friendship. best kind of friendship.
      I have barely one /o/ and we never have time for derping. ITS SAD.
      And I think I'm gonna go test out that Bahia now.. T: Maybe I won't lag too. idk. WE'LL SEE.

      Lol I don't want to slap him. :c he's dirty with cake. and too adrobs.

  2. Dullie looks really pissed at the fairy.

    Meanwhile my Calyx would just watch with a blank expression, and then go back to chess. 8>

    Lovely screenshots!

    1. of course. that fairy pisses everyone /o/

  3. whoaaaa, all the fun stuff is like over in Bach. i miss this kinda stoof uwaa.