Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Fighter is Awesome + TARGANDUDE

He refuses to do the usual same things most people did. So yeah

And I tried attacking something using his new unusual 'stance'. It was fun.

(yes that was comodo)
HE CUT HIS OWN !^#&*^&@
And lastly
He actually learned ballet.

Okay enough with the shits. I managed to draw some craps on a sheet of paper from my sketchbook....while I was bored as hell in the mid of class. AS USUAL.
Uncle Ralph with his 'come to me, baby' pose. And idk. Why Ralph, why you tend to look better in drawings than in game. But then again you're still awesome. NO MATTER WHAT MOST PEOPLE SAID ABOUT YOU.
Ignore that shota, btw. I don't even know why I drew him at first place.

Targan dude, or Lasell Tar or whoever...I drew this before the newest update about him announced and I went OHSHIT WHY DID HE BECOME ANOTHER WHITE HAIRED BISH AND WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FACE after. T___T IMC y u did this. You did the same to Raven too. WHAIII but he looks awesome still. IMC, you are forgiven.

Oh well. I think I messed up with his anatomy but I still loved the result. I'm starting to treasure my boredom in class.

End of story for the day, I'm freaking sleepy. And oh. What I learned today : dentists know how to torture you using creepiest tools ever without giving you a single chance to struggle.



  1. Omg. That fighter. plx teach my fighters how to do it too :DDDDDDD too cool

    I had the exact thoughts about targan guy. \: the preview video was so much better. But he's still awesome, i guess. 8w8

    /touches scribbles

    1. I just asked my fighter. He doesn't want to teach anyone, he said. @u@ /lame reason
      okay I forgot how to trigger the glitch...but fighter sure wins. He got most glitches all the time.

      AND RIGHT. DDDDx why IMC tend to make better look characters turned...worse. personalopiniontho :|

    2. /late reply

      I don't know. the targan dude's concept art now looks more like the rendered model. for the first time I like render more than actual concept art o_O .. the black haired one from vids that is.. that first render.

    3. go ahead, smack him. He needs to be taught a lesson.

      well...I'm so-so with targan dude. :0 I like how he ended up looks like his original concept art. And he doesn't look that bad. But if I am allowed to choose, I prefer the black haired one 8B

  2. Omg I so agree. Poor Ralph and Raven and that new Targan's faces have all been fucked up by shitty modellers. >:|

    Lovely doodles as always, and I love when weapons glitch.

    1. ; n ; three victims of fail rendering, and all male. whai IMC, whai. Well they still look hansamu but...their previous models were better. Much better.