Monday, August 20, 2012

SGE Family Update, Version 10.6

It's been long time since my last post,....but that's not something new. I'm one laziest blogger on earth anyway :|
I will try to be more active again here even tho that means I gotta spam shits on my own blog lullz
The thing is, I don't have much thing to do ingame except recruiting new RNPCs after ver 10 and doing daily raids. But other than that, I don't do much training. I even brilliantly wasted my HPS because I got lazy. I hate HPS, I feel like I wasn't able to do much things since I had premium buff running.
Progress post major update to version 10.6, Bach server SEA Granado Espada, Reichstein family. Wall of text gogo.
Finished with Judgment Day pioneering questline.

But what is with 'the judgment of the day' omg IAH. Completed this questline without much difficulty (except the SC spamming in Lucifer Garden part and random server disconnection when I was inside instanced quest battle mission. Yep, good job IAH as usual)
I like the ending---but I don't like the part of defeating Montoro baby. TuT

Recruited Grandies

tbh I didn't really like her at first since I knew she was going to be one imbalanced character. And I was right. She's the perfect example of imbalanced character, especially in WxPvP. But well. I grew up liking her a bit since she has rather interesting storyline, and she's pretty badass to choose to stand up and fight despite her existence as a clone. I named her Scarlet, and don't ask me why. I am now using her for second raider main lineup.

Recruited Ion Felipe

Well of course you, Ion. You crai bby.
If you asked me what is my best achievement in game so far, perhaps this would be my answer. I completed Beroniff 10.500 quest item hunts after weeks (well I couldn't do 24hrs hunting and afk hunt was not quite a good solution). He's one of my dream RNPC in GE, as his character designed by my favorite kGE artist, Sorote, and he's awesome. Even tho his recruitment storyline is hilarious. Named him Inon Oannes, Ion's  original name before Ion Felipe, the name given by Sorote. He's included in my secondary raid lineup as well.

Recruited Vincent

Same case as Grandies. I used to hate him before. But then, I found he's adorable at some point---and was kinda surprised that actually he's a good guy, really good one in his questline. He's no emo or psycho at all, just...well maybe just a bit. Or rather eccentric. But nop, he's no evil. I like Vincent now. I named him Draven, recruited him on the day after the patch and gotten his Abyss stancebook and tome as well.

Recruited Elisa

She's one adorable RNPC despite her recycled elem hair....I like her soft and fragile character, but I was a bit confused with her storyline....well okay. Her story is quite okay but I wasn't that amused. However I recruited her without difficulty since I already prepared her quest items months before update. Named her Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn in Roman mythology, because her eyes color resembles the color of the sky at dawn. And I have special storyline and role for her involved my future dream lineup, Racel-Tora-Elisa, thus the name. B)

 Recruited Admiral Adriana

My gawd, she looks adorable here. This lady is one of my dream RNPCs as well. I like her tough, strong figure as a lady and OOH MEGANE (and her sadist personality is definitely amazing lol). She is my Bayonetta. Finally got her after struggling with Tempest with some nice friends who were willing to help me since I was so despo for that quest part. Thanks guys, you're the best 8')
Named her Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. I wanted to name her Athena but got rid of that idea because of...Bach. uknowhatImean

Recruited Cruise

This stupid uncle who gets involved in money problem thanks to his gambling addict. However I ended up felt pitiful for but heh. Your fault, Cruise. Your fault. Finally got him after staying awake for a night finding the mobs I needed to kill for his quest. Hahaha those quests are even more fucked up than Ion 10.500 item hunt. But I managed to finish after squadding with random people---got him after 2days of hunting. Named him Amon because screw my naming sense.

One achievement left to be fulfilled :
Recruiting Beatrice. I'm stuck at Time Paradox raid part. But I decided to just give up for now and wait for next update since the current quest item drop system is fucked up. Sorry for her fans but she's the complete opposite for rest characters for me as....I grew up hating her. Thanks to some obsessed fans who worship her and even starting to compare how her imbaness is above everything other charas have. Nop, no fucking way. My charas will still perfect for me and I don't give a fuck about how imbalance one chara is. I like her, really. I like her just like I like all other RNPCs.

And I still need to recruit Racel Targa, Tora and Mary in the later update.
But aside of those, I don't really have the interest in future updates. Perhaps I'm kinda interested about Bristia, okay. But so far the updates are just 'similar cycle' being implemented---new RNPC, new stance, and another new RNPC, and another new stance, and so on. Nothing really new for me.

Lastly, just saying that I will start to post things about Aion here as I started to play that game since few weeks ago together with some friends (HAIII OLI ARTIE LLYSE ONION DORA HIII) I think I will give GE some breaks while waiting for next update for Racel-Tora and Mary. ^__^
And oh.
Eid Mubarak for everyone who is celebrating \^0^/

/end of text wall