Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay I'm not so sure anymore

...about liking Mary as much as the first time I saw her. When she was introduced I was like, OOOHHH NAISU. She's cute. Even tho she looks too Asian for a 'Mary' but ah well....

But then I saw the gif images of her running in town, running while entertaining all the boys with her pantsu and the jiggling boobs....okay. Not anymore. Too much fanservice. I still like her nevertheless but I'll probably going to get her as additional shotgun user only, since her stance and stats are pretty awesome. (BUT SORRY LORCH IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE) But not planning to use her for my main lineup. Same goes to my claire, ludin and reckless---sorry but you bishes can just stay as secondary supporting characters forever ^u^

okay she will make good character for hentai GE fanarts out there, I believe 8D

talking about Mary.
She'll make a good wife as well. But not for my Lionel, hell no :3

Here goes IAH with their problem in handling the server stability again. Yesterday we had 12hours maintenance but it was okay since I was at school anyway 8D then near midnight, it happened again. Okay. This tend to happen in any server, not only IAH, so I won't complain much. After all I won't be much active in game for these two weeks.

Ok let's go on to another drawing~
it's lunch time
my dream team ; u ; it was adriana - lionel - elisa at first. But then Racel comes. oookay I like him. I HAVE to get him. No matter he got lulzy human beyblade skills in his exclusive stance, I still like him.

/punches Leo

pencil sketches huhu. I barely able to draw anything good now. Just these two....because I'm at my limit. I would kill myself if I can't draw anything at all.

in game family updates....nothing much. OKAY, I LIED. I finally finished Castilla episode 2 (ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOU ADMIRAL. ONE STEP CLOSERRRRRR) and currently having fun with Lisa and her Blitz assault. People keep saying that that stance is sux in pvp, but well. Oh right. Try to hit her with any ultimate physical skill you got when she is buffed. I can still remember the moment my Lisa parried skills from Asoka, Calyce, Lionel, and everyone else like a bawz inside Alliance War---and in return she got her passive buff that gives her 5DR and allows her to inflict multiplied damages from skills. Butthenshecan'tdoanythingwhenitcomestomagicskills orz

Ok that's all for today~
brb running from angry turkis 8Ba


  1. Nice drawings as usual :3c.. And about Mary.. I thought she had a gustache at first /lmao
    So I thought she was transgender. OTL

    Her animations are quite.. damn.. annoying. But still good... Glad they're working on different idle animations.

    Racel(more like Russell) seems like a tacky, fancy character. :D To me he's like those - SHIT GUYS LEMME GO FIRST. IM BOSS \o/ /RUNS OFF/ /ALMOST DIES. RUNS BACK/ - SHIET GUYS. THERE BE SOME MONSTERS OUT THERE. but its ok. I saved ya'll.
    And then he sees the others already took care of everything.

    IAH servers also getting upgrades or just messed up somehow? onO

    1. the servers messed up. down for hours, unable to login and such >n> we had two mainty yesterday and the first maint took almost whole afternoon

      HEY TRANSGENDER IS GOOD. /puts big pink ribbon on Leo's head
      there. :3

      /headshot by Leo

      Racel. Russell. I THOUGHT HE WAS RACHEL AT FIRST AHAHAHAHAH I'm the worst. Ok, Russell. Hey you just gave me scenario for him. NGEHEHEHE. Damn I'm so gonna enjoy him---shitthatsoundswrong
      That makes him even more suitable character for the team with Leo and Elisa *u* ooohoho /excited

    2. That's kind of funny. :D Both english GEs going derpy these days /luls
      Still.. maint on saturday.. :C no thank you

      Hey.. Hey. Leo don't shoot your God. >:c You look fantabulouzz with that ribbon.

      I just hate the way people translate character's names lately lmao. (hint: Daria's surname) MIGHT AS WELL NAME HIM RACHEL FOR THE LULS.
      I'll be eagerly waiting for your ideas >:3 Wish I was able to draw or at least be motivated to do anything but. OHWELL.

    3. ikr >A> SGE fanpage filled with swearing and rants yesterday. MAINTY AT WEEKEND LULZ U KIDDIN ME

      See, Leo. Everyone agrees with me >:0
      Leo : ( ;u;) /unwillingly keeps the ribbon pinned on his head

      uwu not so soon. I have shits to work on urgently. But knowing how I am most probably I will still drawing things even tho I'm on edge with the deadlines huhu.

    4. Fanpage... You mean facebook or smth? ahmeh. :D none of my concern.
      And I suppose you better work on shit. That some srs stuff right there. *whips* Yet... I have presentations to make and illustrate and I cringe at the thought I'd rather scribble some Dullies. So I know how you feel SOB

      *pets Leo* good boy. Here's cake. :B

    5. yeah. FB and forum. =u= I was just watching while eating snacks. HUHU yes. I just need to survive another two weeks and then everything will be fine.......I hope. orz

      He's good. As long there is cake. /pats Leo

  2. Dun worry Reich I'm in the same boat as you of never gettin Punisher. ;D

    ALSO OH MY GOD THAT DOODLE OF THEM EATING BREAD IS SO CUUUUUTE. D: I just love stuff like that. *flails*

    You also make me excited for Blitz Assault. And like everything else DAMNIT G1 UPDATE FASTER.

    1. glad you like it uwu <3 because I like drawing such kind of stuff myself

      ITS OKAY. YOU WILL GET NEW UPDATE SOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooonn.... |8'D

      BA is awesome ; u ; I ditched my cath to do the houseworks at barracks now, letting lisa does her job <3

  3. :D Thanks for following my blog!

    So many artists! *_*

    1. >u< SOKAY. Ijusthappentolovestalkinganyway

  4. I was dying for another Shotgun user. I'm not even annoyed that it's another chick. I love the maid theme for some odd reason. The first pic is stuck in my head-- Someone needs to see if Lionel's fat or just wearing way too layers. LOL!

    1. =u=; yes I liked her at first, but then with all the 'fanservices' I turned a bit 'meh' at her but no, I don't hate her...yet. Maid idea is nice, but a maid with bouncing boobs and pantsu showing is duh.

      Lionel is fat. period. /gettinganotherheadshotfromhim