Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fairy and Towns Adventuring (part I)

(I picked Kuroshitsuji line for the title)
I just had a little trip to several spots in towns, and I shall share here. :3

(I didnt put his wings on on purpose :|)

Since Pharrell kept scolding him for whatever he had done, the Fairy decided to take a break from works and traveled to the New World. Before, he wandered around the Byron to meet....his another one. :/

What a difference in height.
I wonder if he had been standing under the sun ray too much that he grew taller when he joined the family.

Thus he visited Cite of Reboldeaux, his first destination. The one and very place he visited was....the market.
Vegetables. Nice. He saw some radishes and carrots. And leeks.

Amazing sized pumpkins. O__O''

and FISHES. 8'D

and Dinosaur meats. :|

And these signs. 8'3a
I love that cow.

Last, the Fairy's greatest discovery :

* o . BLUEBERRIES!!!! . o * \(OwO)/

Whatever randomness is this I posted, again. Next post would be about Port of Coimbra and Auch.

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