Monday, January 2, 2012


Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late. It's the last week of this event so I might as well put some craps about it here.
Gangsta Claus. B)a
Somehow I got curious whether Elmorc and Farrel/Pharrell would look good with santa outfit. Save me from my random imagination. Thanks to my computer that mysteriously died recently I missed few days of this event. Blargh. Who cares. I'm not really aiming for santa costumes for RNPCs since some of them look retarded anyway.
So we went inside mission rooms and fought these....
she used Bennu's Judgment yet she couldn't kill me.

Why would they make the....trio sisters as the enemies after all. |:I so we defeated em, and the Rudolphs popped out from nowhere. WHY WOULD YOU NEED US TO SAVE YOU ALL.
Pretty colorful, no? ;D
The fairy was curious about how does reindeer steak taste like the cute, fluffy and huge Rudolphs :D

And lastly.

I got my Xmas presents too :O even tho I'm not celebrating it. But. THANKS! :3

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