Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little guide about Puppet Master

I've posted this in my tumblr already but I'll just copy paste this in here.

For some people who have been wondering what ET buff to give to Catherine Summoner that will affect the dolls’ stats on Puppet Master stance, here I give example of my test.

First pic shows my Catherine on Princi buff (lv12) + Magic enh (lv12). Note that the dolls will have HALF of Catherine’s penetration and immunity rate, so in the pic it is shown that she had 44 pene and 49 immu — which gave the dolls 22 pene and 24 immu.

Now second pic, I gave Cath Princi buff (lv12) + Shooting enh (lv12). She got 51 pene and 49 immu after, which gave the dolls 26 pene and 24 immu.
What does this mean? Cath summon works similar like builder charas like Jack Angie and Diego, they need shooting buff in order to pump their pene rate, and same goes to Cath.

Does magic enhance buff affect Sasha’s (magic type doll) attack?
The answer is NO. As you can see she didn’t get any atk increase when Cath was under magic enh buff. What will affect the dolls are only AR/DR and pene/immu rate. Instead, under shooting buff, the dolls get extra elemental and mental penetration (which I believe what PE stands for?).
Magic enh (lv 11/12) will only affect extra AR and....shorter cast time in summoning.

How do you use the dolls in most effective way in raiding?
Remember that the dolls only have half of the pene/immu rate (which is iirc different than other cath combat summons?), which makes them VERY vulnerable to skills, even they can get ohkoed under necroshaman’s aoe in BHG occulta if you don’t pump their immu high enough. So best method is that keep your dolls safe by using another chara to tank the monsters for them. And only summon Lloyd and Sasha if you need range dps, since Mighty Victor requires Cath to stand REAL CLOSE to the monster or else it won’t attack. Usually in Clock Tower raid, I only summon Crown Lloyd and Lady Sasha because putting my Cath too close to the boss would kill her.
HOWEVER, you can try to make the dolls scatter using Aye Maam! skill, but still dolls are not controllable. You can make Mighty Victor tank mobs, tho. That doll is one tough tanker with awesome HP.

What stats best to get for controller?
 I would suggest ATK (AR) + 2 for the best, I know you can get DEF (DR) + 2 stat or both in one controller tho but...I would prefer at least AR + 2. And don't forget to put penetration rumins on it.

About stat points and skill points distributions?
Pump CHA on Cath Summoner. CHA will affect the summoned dolls' base stats, including atk. As for Puppet Master, unmax Nightmare skill.

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