Ingame alias : Aurora
Age : 23

Reliable nurse from Castilla naval army, her skill and knowledge about medic is not to be underestimated. Soft hearted and fragile young lady, she is always trying to comfort his friends and smile for them, she makes everyone around her willing to protect her with all they have. However, she can be really scary whenever her 'patients' refused to drink medicine or neglecting her advice to rest, and you wouldn't want to know what is she going to do to you if you dare making her angry.
Having lost her fiancee in an accident in the past, she is now trying her best to avoid the same tragedy from happening again, she doesn't want to lose another person who is important to her. She's often seen going on missions together with Racel and Tora as a team, and she's always the one who scold them whenever they are acting recklessly in battle. She treasures both of them as her close friends, but apparently her feeling grows for someone of them.

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